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One last to make it three…

I won’t forgive you even when you say you’re sorry you don’t deserve it you don’t deserve me fall, fall to the ground down in blood and dirt we lie facing certain death and I still won’t forgive you the … Continue reading

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Just one bad day…

You know those days when you wake up in a really bad mood, and everything you see makes it even worse? I really hate those days… some people are hypocrites some are murderers, how do you tell? you trust them … Continue reading

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Since I couldn’t sleep…

yeah, just wrote something, thought I share it with the world. I went out to seek redemption came back home with nothing but scars and a broken heart what have I found? nothing, nothing but pain, arising from my blackened … Continue reading

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Wonderland & Radio

So, since I’m stuck deciding which poem I should post today, I’ll just post both pieces. The first one’s called Wonderland. Show me the door to wonderland Cause I need to escape I don’t want to stay a second longer … Continue reading

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Astrobiology – Introduction

Like I said, I’d like to blog not only about my poems and lyrics, but also about science I’m interested in. I would like to start a little series on Astrobiology, even though I’m not sure if I know enough … Continue reading

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Where Were You?

As promised, more of my older stuff. This one’s an actual song text and not a poem. Even though the difference is not that big. dear god this is not a prayer it’s a call for justice I’m not begging … Continue reading

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This poem was crafted right after the other poem called Star, it’s basicly about the same topic, a little different, though. Starlight pure and cold traveld for so long to find it’s destiny in my eye beneath the nightly sky … Continue reading

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Let me introduce myself

So, I’m Sebastian. I’ll be blogging here from now on and so I’d like to introduce myself. I’m interested in Arts and Sciences and this will most likely be the core topics of this blog. I study Biology at the … Continue reading

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