Let me introduce myself

So, I’m Sebastian. I’ll be blogging here from now on and so I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m interested in Arts and Sciences and this will most likely be the core topics of this blog. I study Biology at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, but I’m actually interested in a lot more things than just biology, like astronomy, physics, medicine, geosciences and everything in between.

I also will post the lyrics and poems I write every now and then. I play guitar and can sing along quite good, so maybe one day I’ll even blog about a band. Or so. Who knows.

Just one quick thing about “The Sea and the Wind”. I choose this title long ago, originally for a band project which never actually happened. It expresses my deep connection to the sea. For me, water and especially the ocean has something beautiful. You can sit down at the shore and stare into the water and lose yourself completely in your thoughts.

I’ll begin this little blog with a small poem I’ve just written.

doomed to die
they throw their self
into the space
silent they sit
in the sky, waiting
for the last molecule
to travel far away

restless they wander
over the firmament
leaving trails of dust
and matter all along
silent they sit
int the sky, watching
mankind grow
and fall again.

We have no Light pollution where I live, so you can see the stars at night quite nicely. That’s what inspired me to this poem. Over the next few day’s I’ll post some of my older stuff, too.


About Sebastian

I am.
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1 Response to Let me introduce myself

  1. Try says:

    Hey man. Good luck for your blog. I’ll keep an eye on it..’cause…otherwise you’d probably kill me. ._.
    Nice background design. ^.^

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