Deaths Farewell

Well, while I was sitting in my biophysics lecture, learning about secondary structures of proteins, I got this inspiration. Of course I immediately pulled out my book and began to write it down. And here it is, enjoy:

from deaths farewell
to blackened rain
from the muses kiss
to a shallow grave

long ways we traveled
never reached our destiny
yet another day
became eternity

we bent the laws of time
made years go by in days
while preserving this one moment
when time stand still

from the deepest deeps
to the far quasars
I’ll be yours forever
we sealed it with a kiss

well, I’m not sure if it’s a 100% correct, but I share it anyway. Correct me if you find any mistakes, this way I can learn.




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1 Response to Deaths Farewell

  1. Try says:

    Exactly my thoughts when it comes to structures of proteins. =)

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