Some of my older stuff. Yeah, now.

Alright, when I started this blog, I intended to post some of my older stuff aswell. But atm I’m like a writing machine, writing, two or three per day, so I never got to posting this older stuff. Since I’m super tired and will go to bed early today, since I will be at University the whole day tomorrow (not necessarily studying, more like, enjoying social contacts) I won’t be able to write/post much, so I just post on of my older ones right now. Right now:

if I could fly like a bird
I could just fly away
but I can’t
and so I’m forced to stay

I try so hard and
still seem to fail
are we destined to fail?
or am I just too weak

I wish I knew
dear god let me know
if there’s a way
dear god, please let there be a way

sometimes I wish I could just stop the time
so that I could run away
but deep inside of me
I already know
that I am where I want to be

Well, as you can see it’s a bit different then my newer ones. A bit more optimistic you could say. Whatever. I hope you enjoy it.


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