So, yeah.

Well, it’s not been a good day for me. Wasn’t a really good week. Hell, was a really fucked up week. My head hurts, my stomach’s sick, and I’m tired without any reason. Sucks to be ill. Still need to go to university tomorrow, into this fucked up course knowing no one there. I get stomach cramps when I just think of it. Anyway, wrote some new poems, will post ’em over the next days.

hollow hands, empty minds
every little thing left of you
runs out of my heart
leaving trails of memories
I try not to slip
but i feel I fall
I try not to slip
but can’t find something to hold on

I forgot how you sound, how you look
I’ll never forgot how you were
how you saved me from the dark
I’ll never forgot what you’ve done
let’s get this straight,
you’re not coming back anytime soon
but that’s okay,
I’ll wait, I’ll get you at last

memories, sharp as swords
cutting through my flesh
leaving scars, you can’t see ’em,
but I swear, they are there
I can feel them when I turn
around and look back into what
once used to be my life
and is now nothing more than fragments.


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