I cannot think of an appropriate titel…

Yeah, finding titles for you post is pretty difficult. Not really, but whatever. So, this hell of a week is going to end pretty soon, and I really hope next week will become better. Otherwise, I really don’t know what’s happening. Could probably kill someone. Or something. Who knows.

Tonight I have friends over. Haven’t had friends over for quite some time, and I’m pretty excited. Going to rock my Wii and drink some beer, will be awesome. I hope so.

Well, got another poem for you, one of the three I’ve written yesterday, while I was in deepest melancholy. That’s why they’re all even more emo than my usual. But it’s okay. Only 5 months left, then is winter finally over, and I can let my depressions behind.

things come and go
things change and break
things are born, and some will die
there is no guarantee, for anything

just get me out of here
come on, take my hand
let us both disappear
into the glancing rain

let us run, let us not stop
until we are far away,
far away from all this stupid
stuff killing us

remember how I saved you?
remember the days and nights we spent
remember those words you told me
there is no guarantee, for anything.


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