Your Effigy in the Ocean my Tears Create…

So, I just stumbled upon this old piece I’ve written about a year ago. Went through some pretty bad stuff that time. Somehow I think every winter is just fucked up. Well, this winter’s not over yet, so it might become better than the last. Let’s hope so.

The second part of the poem is a lot better than the first, but I like it.

There are days
when you know
that you’ve done wrong
and that you should be the one
making the first step
to forgive me
to forgive yourself

it hasn’t been all wrong
there was so much
and now there is so much between us
that we don’t even know
how to get over this

when I think of you
I don’t think of what you’ve done
I think of how you’ve been
how beautiful and perfect
you don’t have to excuse
cause I won’t hear it
cause I don’t need it

time has torn us apart
and there is nothing
but infinity between us
where there has been the light of the stars
there is now the shadow of a dying world

sometimes I think I’m trapped
within a dark and hollow place
and that nothing ever will cure the wounds
that there is no hope nor faith
that we’ve done it all wrong
there are no words to describe
what I feel

Sometimes I think of you
when I’m lonely
when I’m falling
far from the mountain top
down to the ground beneath

Sometimes I wish
that I could forget you
that the thoughts of you could vanish away
just like your body did
why can’t you just disappear
and why can’t i just forget you?
I wonder if you did

I want to see you again
I dream of you every night
I see you in every mirror I look at
your effigy stays in the ocean
which my tears create


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