You know, I think a lot about hope last time. I think without hope you’re already dead inside. So I try to preserve my hope, and it works surprisingly well. Anyway, I originally didn’t intend to post something today, but I just wrote this, and I thought, hey, share it. Great, right? However, I’ll be at university tomorrow the whole day, and afterwards eating pizza with my bro, so I don’t think I’ll post something. Sadly. I really should write more. So, the poem. It’s just a quick draft, I might fix something later. Maybe not.

hold on tight
’til you feel
the last breath slip away
not a second sooner
don’t let go
until you’re sure
that you’ve lost
the battle, the war
never let go
the piece of hope
resting silent in you
waiting for a soft scratch from the sun
to grow again
to break through the surface
and ignite you, set you in flames
’til hope warms your breath again.


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