Got ya a story.

Gather round kids, I wanna tell ya a story. A story about a dream I had some time ago, when I knew this girl. Let’s call her Emily. I think you’ll hear a lot about Emily the next few days. So, as I said, I knew this girl, Emily. She was pretty and nice. At the first view. At the second, well… let’s just say, she was not that pretty inside. So, we were pretty good friends back than until she finished school (she was a year above me, btw). While we were friends, there was a lot of tension between me and her, emotionally and sexually. Never the less, nothing ever happened between us, because I had a girlfriend and she had like 10 boyfriends in the time. Being her best friend, I was the one who listened to her when she cried about her boyfriends and told me why ” can not all boys be like you?”. Well, best friend syndrome definitely. But then again, I never told her what I feel for her, and I think this was part of the problem. Well, whatever. When she left to study at a university pretty far away, I invited her over to dinner. She never showed up. She didn’t even call to say she wouldn’t make it. I did not hear of her for good 6 months, when I ran into her on a party while she was at home. This was shortly after my girlfriend broke up with me, and I met the love of my life, which had a boyfriend at this time. You could say, my life was pretty fucked up at this point. So at this party, I met my ex-girlfriend, which ignored me completely (I mean, wtf? After nearly four years in a relationship, she ignores me?), I then met Emily, which did not ignore me. She told me the reason she missed the dinner was, and I quote here: “Oh, I’m sorry, I fell at sleep and when I woke up, it was too late.” O really? Fuck you.

You could really say that this was a baaaad evening for me, but in fact it was not. Okay, I started drinking on this evening, but hey, whatever. So me and a friend got pretty fucking drunk, and when we finally fell asleep that night, I dreamed a dream. I saw Emily walking over a bridge. The bridge was burning and breaking, crashed down to the bottom. I then found Emily laying under the debris, and while the flames where still burning around her, I laid myself down to her body. Which was cold. I wrote this poem about her:

I lay myself down
right beside your cold body

I lay myself down

burning and
breaking and

where is the sun?

i can’t see her
oh why?

did you run away from me!

why didn’t you just stay here with me

I wonder when things will change

when will you wake up

I lay myself down
right beside your cold body

and I see the bridge

burning and breaking
burning and breaking
burning and breaking
burning and breaking

I used this poem for a song I wrote later, but that just as a side note. When I awoke, I knew what I had to do. I wrote down what was in my head, took all my feelings and thoughts I had for her and threw ’em away. I kept the poems, as a memory on someone who betrayed me, who used me and didn’t even had the guts to tell me that I meant nothing to her. I realized that after I spent nearly two years of my life for her.

This may sound hard, but I will tell you a bit more of Emily over the next few days, cause I got some more poems.So, ’til then, cya all.


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