So, stealing is okay, right?

Well, not really, but this is not stolen per se. I got some inspiration from a really great song – Boston by Augustana

So, yeah. I wrote this some time ago, forgot to post it. I often think/thought about running away from everything here and just sart a new life. I never did it. I had a few reasons like money and my friends whom I not wanted to leave. My ex-girlfriend who told me she needs me. Well, whatever, here is the poem. Enjoy it.

I think I’ll go to halifax,
start a new life there,
maybe wit a little luck
i even find someone who cares,

about my soul, bout what
you’ve done to me,
maybe i find someone
who loves me just enogh,
to cure my wounds
and heal my soul

someone who puts together
all the pieces
you left laying at the bottom
when you gave up,
someone who’s not afraid
to give something back,

I think I’ll go to halifax
and start a new life there,
and maybe with a little luck
I’ll find someone who cares.



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