Something Old.

You know the phrase “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.”? Well, this is what I’m going to do with my next few post, because apparently it gives you good luck, and that’s exactly what I need. Sure, I’m not getting married, and it’s a marrying tradition, but who cares? You won’t kill me because of this, right? So, I’ll start with something old. It’s one of the poem’s I wrote about my ex-girlfriend, the one I’ve been together with for four years. After the break up, I missed her a lot. I was not used to being alone and that’s what I was, until I found some new friends. Lonely. Around this time, I also had to make a really hard decision, causing one of my best friends to stay away from me. Thanks god not for that long, but for long enough. It were maybe the toughest four months of my life. But after that, I had the best half-year of my life, so it’s okay. Anyways, the poem. It’s about missing someone so much that you can’t get him or her out of your head, you see them or something that reminds you of them everywhere. You know, this really sucks.

I think of you
when I am laying in my bed
I think of you
when I awake with the first light of the morning
I think of you
when I look into the mirror
I see your face
right beside mine – everyday

I think of you
when I watch the stars
I think of you
when my hands accidentally touch some skin
I think of you
when I sit on the swing on which we used to sit
I remember you
and hope you remember me – everyday

I think of you
when I drive at night
I think of you
when I watch the rain fall on the ground
I think of you
when my feet touch the fresh snow at first
I wish that you were here
I hope you’re not lonely like me. Everyday.

So, tomorrow I’ll post something new, and over the weekend something borrowed and something blue (no idea how I’ll do this, but hey, I’ll have an idea in time). And then, I’m sure that I will have really good luck.


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1 Response to Something Old.

  1. summermoon says:

    seems like you know the feeling of missing someone enough to believe/ hope every girl with the same hair colour could be her, it’s definitly disappointing!
    you picked a nice tradition =).. but i am actually pretty curious what you’ll borrow… or bring blue into here ^^, as you seem to need it, good luck ;)

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