Something Borrowed.

So, my little series continues. A day later as expected, but I had some technical difficulties to solve. I had no internet yesterday, and when I had, I had company. But it doesn’t matter at all, because now I have something for you.

Something borrowed. So, I had this crazy Idea that I could just borrow form another direction of “art”. You know, not only poems, but I use something other. I wrote a song. It’s a pretty rough recording, because, quite frankly, I do not posses good recording equipment. The text is completely new, I wrote it just for that occasion. So, feel honored. I also hope that you can listen to it, I tried hard to sing in key and it’s not that bad. At least not for the second take. So, let me show you the text:

Something old, something new
something borrowed, something blue
this is all you need to have some good luck
I wish I’d never been so stuck
within your head
I wish I could just tear it off
but hell knows I can not

I give you my old ring
buy you some new drink
I borrowed this one just for you
and for something blue?
well maybe you’ll punch me in my face
then my eye’d be black and blue

or maybe the dress you wear is blue?
I mean who knows what the future brings?
I don’t know what else to say
I wish that you’d be mine
and mine alone
and mine alone

Something old, something new
something borrowed, something blue
this is all you need to have some good luck
I wish I’d never been so stuck
within your head
I wish I could just tear it off
But hell knows I can not

To be honest, it’s not a real song, it’s more like a sung poem, but hey, it’s better than nothing. I really hope you like it.(I had to upload it to my UG-profile, here’s the link: Blue Dress – I really hope it works, if not let me know and I work out something else.)

Btw, if you remember, I said I was drunk in my lectures. I really need to tell this story, because it’s just completely fucked up. (That what led me to drink, not how I got so drunk) So, on thursday, my ex-girlfriend wrote me, asked me how I am and what I’m doing. I told her that I was fine and that I was doing nothing really, that I’d have some friends over the weekend and maybe do some stuff for the uni. As soon as I mentioned that I was fine, she got completely pissed, told me that “she’d be glad that at least I got over the stuff so well”. I asked what she meant, but she refused to tell me what she meant. So we continued to write, and argued a while, when she told me that she is completely exhausted and would talk to no one about her problems and shit. I then told her that I’d be not mad at her, and that if she’d need a good friend I’d be there for her. I guess she misunderstood what I tried to tell her, because she got even more pissed and told me to just forget her, because apparently, everything she told me the last 6 months was just a big lie and that she changed completely and that there is no chance that we could be together ever again. Well, lets just say, that hit me right in the face, because, well, that’s just shit. I don’t really believe her and I don’t think that this is really the end of everything, but well, whatever. This girl just drives me crazy.Well, I then started to drink, and got really fucking drunk. I stopped drinking at One o’ clock, got up again at five o’ clock, was at the uni at 8am, and was sober again at, well 4 or 5pm? Was really funny.I’ll report back tomorrow with something blue, I hope.




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