Oh god, another one.

Don’t ask me why, but I still write a poem a day. I didn’t even try, it’s just that inspiration strikes me and that I have to write down what moves me. Well, I swear this will be the last one for at least 3 or 4 days. Because I will simply not have the time to write and post stuff on here. Btw, this is poem number 19 this month. I don’t think I posted all of them, I might spare some for later. Well, anyway, here is it.

my hands are shaking
sitting next to you
drives me crazy
I wish I could touch you
there is a simple way out
but I’m not ready for it
I can’t make this last step
I haven’t lost hope yet

In my dreams
fingertips run over your skin
seeking for a place to rest
a string quartet is the soundtrack
for our fucked up life
when your lips touch mine
gentle and sound
the world starts turning round

’round and ’round
’til we forget whats up
and whats down
’til we hit the ground
wrapped in each others arms
the only safe place I know
’round and ’round
forget what’s up, and what’s down

a notion, nothing more
stay with me,
I make every second worth it
that’s what I promise you
you can read it in my eyes
I wish you’d just disappear
Melt away, like snow
when spring arrives, finally

remember this one time
when we let feet dangle over water
when we tried to hide the kisses
but never really cared
remember what you felt
and tell me you can’t come back
I plead for one last kiss
for the world to start turning ’round

’round and ’round
’til we forget whats up
and what’s down
’til we crash to the ground
wrapped in my arms, i hold you
the only safe place you’ll find
’round and ’round
forget what’s up
and what’s down.

I’m not sure if it’s positive or negative but I like it a lot. I’d say it’s one of my better ones. I Improve.


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