Just a quick one.

Alright, I’ve written more than I thought, so I can share one.

I take what’s mine
leave you the rest
don’t mind if it’s to less
as long as I’m fine

and now that I got what I want
you can fall into the dirt
your body can rot until
only blank bones are left

I don’t care about you
as long as you want me to
stay the fuck away from you
I’ll come when you call me
but not a second sooner
you say trust me? I say fuck you!

I’m not sure how old it is, as I found it in my book without a date between other undated stuff, so yeah. I sound pretty pissed, huh? Well, yeah, I guess I was. Anyway, today I gonna go into a Musicshop, and I’m fucking exited. Last time was like 10 months ago. Maybe I’ll post something this evening, maybe not. See ya all.



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