Every serious lyricist has to write about Fireflies someday, and this is my entry. I’m not sure if I’ll continue posting until next monday, I’m going through some pretty hard stuff atm. Never the less, here is the poem for friday.

I’d only need one ray of light
to set me straight
to show me which way to go
I fear the shadows, waiting to catch me
every time I turn around they seem closer
they’re always just a step behind
help me to escape
please, be my firefly

eagerly I wait to see
the sun to rise from the east
I wait for the rays to climb
over the mountain top
to shine into the valleys of despair
into the deeps of my mind
something I can hold on and pull
until I stand up straight again

every time I look out of my window
I see the stars so far away
they’re to weak to scare the demons of
to weak to dispel the shadows
when I start to dream
I find myself running, running to no end
you’re so far away, don’t flee
when I reach out to touch you

I’d only need one ray of light
to set me straight
to light up my heart
to give me back some life
I fear the dark, I know
they try to lure me into the gloom
help me stay far away
please, be my firefly

I beg you, send me some help
a guide through all this dark
light me a torch or burn the sky
when nightfall comes I’ll be lost again
wandering through the depths of my mind
I beg you, send me a ray of light
send me a guide through the shadows
tell the stars to burn brighter

every time the night comes up
I lose what I’ve earned that day
I fear the night, can’t sleep without a light
every time I close my eyes, I see your face
how you laugh and how you smile
to know what I’ve lost hurts so bad
I need something to show me a way out of here
Don’t go away, when I reach for you

I’d only need one ray of light
to set me straight
to guide me out of this misery
into the blinding light
into the pulsing life
I’m lost without you
help me to find my way
please, be my firefly


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