So, I thought I might should write about something different from just my ex-girlfriend, because that’s getting boring. So I tried, and for the first eight lines it went really well. But then… Yeah, it’s still the only thing that’s in my head, so bear with me. One day I’ll be writing about happy stuff again.

sometimes I sit down
and feel like writing down
everything that concerns me
those are lonely nights.
but when I start to write
I can leave every thought behind
it helps me to forget
what makes my life so sad

I often listen to my music
while I fill pages with my words
I feel the emotions in the songs
and word after word runs outta me
it is fascinating how hard it is
to write lines that mean something
you can row a thousand words
and they still can mean nothing.

I write a lot about you
because that is what moves my heart
a part of my life’s gone missing
you were broken, so i fixed you up
I gave you my heart, but now you’re gone
and I have nothing left to live with
nothing to fill the gap inside of me
maybe you will return and help me up

I talk a lot about going away
but I don’t know where.
My place is on your side
and nowhere else
You say you miss me.
I miss you, too.
One day, you’ll come back.
I wait for it, anxiously.

So, hope you enjoy the read.


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