I’m sick.

Yes, I’m sick. Got the flu or something. Sucks big time. Well, never the less, got ya a new poem, because I know, out there are at least a thousand people who wanna read what I write. Simply not on my site. But that’s okay. Rly.

when I walk down these streets
I see your pictures hanging from walls
now that you’ve made it
are you happy?
you made your dream come true
was it worth it?
This was all you ever wanted
tell me, is this the end?

when we were younger
you kept telling me
stories of a happy live
making me feel better
when my parents argued to much
when I felt the darkness crawling up
you held me in your arms
you made me feel save

I keep walking down this road
you keep smiling from these walls
but let me ask you this:
are you happy there?
your smile seems to be off
not from this world
maybe drawn into your face
it seems just skin-deep

it’s been a long time
since we spoke the last words
you said goodbye
not knowing where you’ll end up
we said good luck
wishing you the best
I asked you to return
knowing that you won’t

the street I’m on seems endless
and it’s plastered with your face
your smile starts haunting me
you’re everywhere I go
I could smash in the windows
but your picture is burned into my eyes
I could tear down the walls
but all I’d find behind is you

you told me to forget
and I’m still trying
one day I’ll succeed
the day when you start resting
deep down in mother earth
when your soul disappears
when the light in your eyes extinguishes
when I left the last bit of you behind.


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1 Response to I’m sick.

  1. summermoon says:

    feel huged, seems like you could need one ; )

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