Let me scare you

So, every time I think I’m done writing, I start again and write four or five things in like an hour. Good for you.

sometimes i feel
like i’ve been trapped
inside a mind
of an absent being
a god, raging
i can see planets
colliding above my head
pieces fall to earth
i pick them up
and have visions
of things yet to come
sometimes he picks me up
and throws me around
i see things
no one should see
the abyss of madness
a hollow mind
filled to burst
screaming words in tongues
i can’t understand
they pierce through my head
making it impossible to sleep
sometimes i want to cry
cause i cant get out of here
no matter how hard i try
there is no escape
out of this hell
the world i’m living in
becomes a place to die
when I sleep I dream
when I’m awake, i fear
to hear the drums of the doomed
as they march along
sometimes i don’t trust myself
i’m so full of doubt
and hate
and sorrowful thoughts
that my minds maybe
trying to find his way out
of the world i hate
the world that plays
trick after trick on me
can you hear the drums?
drums, in the darkness
sometimes i see a light
at the end of the tunnel
but it’s just a will-o-wisp
trying to trick me
i’m trapped in the darkness
on a plane of existence
that is not mine
i’m a toy for gods
who dont need me, they
let me down when they’re tired
they don’t care about me
sometimes i wonder
if i’ll ever find a way
to pay for my sins
for the things i’ve done
they weights heavily
press me to the ground
i can’t fill my lungs
remember to breathe
as you’re about to drown
i hear them, the drums
drums, in the darkness


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