So, new Poem, Huh?

So, I’m still writing and writing, and I’ll just share, because I don’t have that much time, I’m going over to friends, (Cool, huh), so here is it, and when I come back tomorrow, I expect at least 5 hits. That’d be 3 more than the whole week, so, unlikely.

it’s the way you smile
that sets you apart
from all the people
running around out there
the world stops
turning round
with just one
smile from you

i told you a million
bad jokes, stupid ones
just to make you laugh
and smile about me
because there is nothing
as beautiful
as you
when you smile

this is all gone now
when i spot you
your eyes look dead
red from crying
don’t tell me you’re happy
because I know you’re not
the world’s still running
mile after mile

I’m lucky
i preserved one
for me and me alone
and whenever i feel
like seeing something
something beautiful
i just remember your smile
i hope that you will too, one day.


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