Happy Old Germanic/Christian-Crossover Holidays

Because, basically, christmas is the celebration of the saturnalia. But, it doesn’t really matter at all. Just enjoy your Holidays. Cheers:

Btw, new poem for ya. After I got 7 hits and even a comment, I felt like posting. Thanks guys, keep it going.

when the clock strikes twelve
I’ll be sitting on the stairs
waiting, waiting for you
I’m sure you won’t come
but what’s left to do?
this is the last thing
that I have to do
to get rid of my regrets

when the night begins
i start to dream
on the swell to sleep
i wait for you to see
that you’re missing me
I sometimes still hope
that you reappear
right in front of me

when the fire ignites
the world goes down in flames
and I’m in the middle
of nowhere, drowning
in empty space
you say you want to help?
just get us some gasoline
to put that fire out

when the dark comes out
I’ll be right there
they’ll bury us
next to each other
unified in death
that’s what they say
when they close the casket
our timeless travel ends


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