Palmless Prayer/Senseless World

So, this is one of the poems I’ve written yesterday, I somehow like it. A bit. Dunno.

I’ll sit down
fold my hands to a
palmless prayer
send words unspoken
into a senseless world
they might be heard by someone
but not by you
you choose to ignore us.

It’s your gift, our perdition
to live until we die.
We’re free to go
but we hit our limits
on every second corner
I’m standing in the middle of a dusty road
now tell me,
where should I go?

a shallow promise
guides us through our lives
a garden Eden
for our sins
we pay the price
while we’re alive
is this really worth it?
lights at the tunnels end?

an unheard cry
send to heaven
might be heard by someone
if I try hard enough
you’ll hear me
I have no choise but hope
that I won’t stay unheard
something saves me.


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