So, Happy New Year Pretty Much?

So, folks. I’m blogging now for three months. It creeps me out how fast time goes by. When I made plans three months ago, I would not have thought that I spend my New Years like this. But in the end, the way I do is just fine. I spend it with my best friends in the World, only missing one good friend. (Yes, I mean you, feel guilty as you read this.)

New Years Eve is always a good time to think about what you have accomplished over the year. What have I accomplished? I’m not sure. I’m pretty much there where I was last year. I’m not in school anymore, I’m in university. Still bored as fuck. I’m not in a band. Well, not yet. We’ll see how things progress. I’m still no rock star. I’ve been through a shitton of relationship issues, and now I have no girlfriend at all. But I got new friends, which are all pretty awesome. I got my foot fixed, and I got some pretty cool stuff for my guitar. I learned a lot of things. I wrote 100 poems in 3 months. This year I told four people to fuck off and to never come back. Well, it worked with at least three of them. One tried, but understood the signs. One’s still begging that I come back. One disappeared and never came back. And the last one… Well, we’ll see.

Oh yeah, today there’s no poem for ya. Today I won’t think about the person who makes me write my poems. So, Happy New Year, and I wish you that your year ends as awesome as mine. Because, ya know, that would be awesome.

I don’t know if next year gets better, but I think so. And if not. Well, at least I’ll have a girl again. Which then will break my heart. Again. But hey, you have to see the bright side, right?. (Wow, three words rhyming, that’s awesome. Lawsome… okay, I stop right here.)

Aww, I’m just talking. I go get a shower now, it’s about time. So, see ya all next year.


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