So, Time Changes Everything?

There is a saying where I live. “Until then, a lot of water will flow down the Rhein.” I’m not sure if you even know what the Rhein is, but it basically means that something will take a lot of time to progress. Btw, it’s a big ass river. Just sayin’.

So, it’s 2011. What has changed? Some numbers that we write down. Some attitudes. Promises have been made and will be broken. Time progresses and doesn’t care about us mortals. I’m not sure why, but I’m pretty fucked up right now. Too much thinking and too less drinking. Anyway, first poem of 2011. It’s nothing special. Just something that fits into my new years resolutions.

the waves are crashing down
on the rocks, the shore
crushing stone
to sand
I can feel it beneath my feet
when I pace along
the shorelines
and watch the water
crawling up higher
and leaving trails
in the sand
soon to be washed away
nothing that is written here
will last for ages
it will fade
like old memories
that I don’t want to keep

when we were younger
we used to play out here
building castles
picking shells
running barefoot over the sand
burned by the sun
where did she go?
all I can see
are grey clouds
all the shine has faded
with the lines in the sand
time and water
has washed away
the last memories



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