A Bottle Thrown Into The Sea

Not much to say about this one.

an empty bottle serves
as envelope for the
letters I’ll send
I’ll throw it far out
into the river that flows
right beneath my feet
down from your face
into the ocean
it may take a few years
one or two times
circling around the arctic
but one day
someone will find
what I’ve send
from the past
into the future
the truth will be
uncovered the curtain
will fall the lights
will shine through
the windows the eyes
into yourself
and enlighten
what’s been dark inside you

an empty bottle
thrown into the sea
contains my soul,
my secrets
I leave them up to you
when someone reads this lines
I’ll be gone for long
my body deceased, my bones, dust.
time is a tricky thing
running fast, ticking slow
you watch a clock and time runs
blinks and seconds blur into
minutes, days, years.
what you remember
is not the truth
it’s the history you wrote
words packed into pictures
stored within your head
you may missed a few
things that were important.
like when I said: “Be honest”
true words were never spoken,
so let me say this now
we’re done.


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1 Response to A Bottle Thrown Into The Sea

  1. Casie says:

    Remarkable! Its truly remarkable paragraph, I have got much
    clear idea about from this piece of writing.

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