Remembering Old Times

is never a good thing. We have to learn that we live in the “right now” and not in the past. We get sad because of lost things, of wrong decisions, of shattered dreams without even having the chance to change a thing about it. Time’s a bitch, huh?

a melody
written onto ground
shared with the world
in a marvelous sound
a thousand whispered words
spoken with a cracking voice
not meant to hurt, yet incisive
soon only a fading noise

silent thoughts
kept save and secret
lasting lives long
through our regret
listen to the play
the piano’s quiet
now dig deeper
in our heart’s a riot.

suddenly a scream
piercing ears
on a window, a ream
running from the rain
the sound of children
coming from the outside
they’re playing full of joy
it’s the future you hear

so open you heart
and believe
that all the cards
we played
were the right ones
maybe, maybe one day
it will be our son
that sings outside


PS: Yes, it rhymes. Hardcore, huh?


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