Riddle me this, sucker.

So. Life sucks. Huh. You think you’re fine, and along comes someone who completely fucks up your head. Thank you.

so you say you like it?
this habit of dieing
of jumping from rooftops
falling five stories deep?
i wonder what’s the sense in this
but who am I to judge
the way you live your life
I’m no part of it, anymore.

I murder myself every day
when i turn on my stereo
and listen to your favourite song
i ask my friend why am i doing this
but no one knows the answer
to the riddles my mind’s forming
i’m no mystery, just a crazyguy
who can’t let go of you.

pretending to be free
wasn’t worth the try
it still feel like a thousand needles
cutting deep into
my flesh, my soul
it hurts to loose you
every day again, when i tell myself
that i don’t need you.

i wonder when will this nightmare end
that keeps me awake for too long now
when will i breathe again
it’s getting better everyday
worse every minute
pretending that i don’t need you
is killing me just like
chasing after you.

There is no way out
but holding out
until the time solves
the riddle in my head
until every little piece
has fitted into its place



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1 Response to Riddle me this, sucker.

  1. summermoon says:

    “it’s getting better everyday
    worse every minute”
    these are my favorite lines^^..
    i like this poem a lot! it’s less melancholic then the others i’d say. seems like you’re angry with all this but mostly with yourself. i like the way you say it direct and unvarnished, that there’s just nothing to do, but waiting, nothing to stop the pain.
    Great! =).. and i am sorry for you -.-

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