I’m back.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome back: Me.

So, I took the week of, simply because there where unsolved issues that needed to be solved. Actually, they are not solved, however, they kinda went unimportant. It’s hard to explain and I think I owe you another story someday, but the time’s not right.

So, I got some new poems for you, that I’ll present you over the next few days.

death is the colour,
i’d like to paint with,
a picture of the future,
of things to come,
of nations to rise,
to fall,
one thing ties them together,
the colour is death.

blood is the liquid,
i’d like to share
to spill on the ground
in a screaming sound
bound by a million evil sins
into the debris of
a thousand shattered souls
act like you’re the king and you will be.

vice is the word
I’d like to shout
to the million of souls
holding my mind
fast in their fangs
so that they might let me go
throw me out into the world
where I’m doomed to die on my own.


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