I gonna be a Rockstar.

Sure thing. I mean, yes I can’t play guitar that well, and yes, my singing sounds sometimes terrible, and yes, I lack a certain ability to crawl into asses, but I swear to god, I gonna be a Rockstar one day. Maybe not a super famous one, and maybe just one who plays in small clubs and bars, but that’d be more than enough for me. And then, I’ll be the winner guy and get all the girls. Damn, this sounds awesome.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a new… well, something for you. Is it a poem? Everything I write in the last time is so short.

We hold our hands
until the last glance
has vanished from the world
we shift through planes
resist the sanes
we are the dark
seeking for a way
to tear the world apart

the bomb’s ticking,
with a finger’s flicking
we set the world a flame
falling without a stop
far from the top
the crash seems inevitable
the air is rushing through our hair
the ground is closing in

I probably post for another day or two, because, surprisingly, I’ll do something with people who doesn’t even know me that good, but they still just invited me to have some fun with them. Not sure how it will go, but hey, better than sitting alone in my room and questioning my life. Right?


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