Comeback Kid

This one’s actually pretty old. Like two or three weeks. Just found it and thought that I could share it with the world.

where are we?
there is no light around
no spark, no glimmer
not even a will-o-wisp
that’s trying to guide me
into the wrong direction
where are we?
there is no light around

let’s make a big step forward
still, I’m blind
but you’re on my side, right?
so what can happen?
If I fall, I’ll fall
but you’ll fall with me
no one can stand
when the other one’s down

no you’re broken down
you tried to make it
you failed
you knew from the beginning on
that i was right
and that you’d be better off
trusting me
but still, you went ahead

Well, I won’t help you up
you told me, this is something
you would have to do by yourself
and I’ll show no mercy
this is your own fault
and you’re the one to blame
this is your own fault
you fell down, now stand up

Look at me, I stand up
there is something I realized
You’re nothing special
you’re just like everyone out there
like every other girl
you broke my heart
so I’ll take yours
and leave the rest rotting on the ground

I’m a comeback kid
nothing, nothing can keep me down
like a madman
I’ll stand up
every time i’m pushed to ground
I survive it every time
and nothing can keep me down.

Not even you.


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