A Little, Yellow Van

I feel like telling a story. So, gather ’round kids, it’s story-telling time again.

So, have you ever felt the urge to make somebody so happy that you spend hours and hours searching for the right gift? Something that was so special that you knew she would absolutely love it? I have.

Some time ago, a friend of mine came back from vacation from france. She brought back this little key chain car with a clock inside. I think it was a beetle. Not sure about that, though. However, my girlfriend at this time (even though I’m not sure if I really should call her girlfriend, but that’s another story. So I’ll just call her that.) was absolutely amazed about it.

I also knew that she loved VW Campers, you know, those funny little Vans from the hippie era. So, I began to look for key chain VW Campers with a clock inside. surprisingly, it was damn hard to find one. I couldn’t find a retailer in Germany. Really, not a single one. I called some store located all over germany of which I thought that they might have something like this, according to internet-research. They hadn’t. Some had similar things, but they were not perfect. And I did not want to settle for something not perfect, because, I wanted it to be as perfect as my girlfriend. So, I started looking outside germany. After a good week of trolling the internet, some forums, making some calls, I finally managed to find the product I was looking for. However, this product was not available for private customers, but only for big stores. unfortunately, I couldn’t find a store to stock them. So I went on trolling. I then found a small gift-shop in the UK which sold two of them on Ebay.

I remember it like it was yesterday, when she got her present she was so happy. I wrote a little note inside. I’m not sure what I have written on it exactly, but I think it was something like: “this will always remember you on me.” At this point, I did not think of loosing her. In the end, after a bad breakup, I think this small little yellow van is the only thing that’s left of me. She told me she threw away everything she had of me, letters, notes, memories, feelings. But not the little yellow van. I’m pretty sure she forgot about the note inside of it, and that she doesn’t think of me when she looks at the clock. But that doesn’t matter.

I swear to god
this was not how it was planned
but you have to
I’m alone out here
and i might fear
the things that come

i might be acting
weird upon you
but i swear to god
it was never meant to hurt you
so look at us,
where are we now?
just a hint of future’s left to come

a little yellow van
hanging by your keys
that’s what tells you
that i speak the truth
remember what it meant to you
remember what i wrote inside
a little yellow van
is that all that’s left of me?

a little yellow van
hanging by your keys
a sign from a life long ago
tells you what to do
look at the clock ticking inside
we still got time
a little yellow van
is that all that’s left of me?

I’m planning on recording an EP in the near future, with some of the songs I’ve recently written. I think, I’ll put a picture of said little yellow van as a cover. No one will know what it means, but she and me. It will be our little secret.Whatever. It’s chaos in my head at the moment.


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