Undead Mass

Some days are just fucked up. Like today. Not sure why it is so fucked up, but IT IS fucked up. I guess too much thinking again. Fuck that.

Ever noticed how people in public don’t seem to be alive? How they just seem to run from one point to another, not talking, not looking, just walking? Especialy in winter. Well, that was the inspiration.

I dreamed
i stand in a field
filled with corpses
the leftovers of past memories
when the sun sunk down
the undead’s heart
start to beat again
calling them to their last march

everyday again

i held my breath
dare not to breath
while brainless dead
walk right beside me
i can feel their anger
awoken from their endless sleep
why can’t they rest in peace?
they’re missing something

everyone of them

when I see them
I try to feel
to remember how it feels
to be alive
but I can’t
I’m now a part of them
a part of the heartless mass
waling to the beat of our undead hearts

everything’s changed

and now that I belong
to the mass of undead soul
i feel the chance to rise
i create an army of undead
taking over the world as I
march along to the drums
coming out of our chest
time’s running out, and soon

everybody’s dead.


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