So, while I was riding the bus today, on my way to university, I had this inspiration. So I took out my book and started scribbling, and ignored all those looks that this totally hot blonde chick throw at me. Do you say that? Dunno, not important. The poem. I like it, it’s different from what I normally write. At least in some kind of way.

a picture left laying on the ground
the echo of a scream not long ago
fading slowly to an unreal sound
stay quiet as the whistle blows
one moment of lost attention
a window shattering cry
can you feel it rise, this tension
all due to your sinful lie

dead birds falling from the sky
signs of nearing catastrophes
the clock’s ticking slower
the static of a thousand seas
keeps me awake this night
i watch the bow being flood
i watch the hull collapse
i watch as we’re torn apart

make your last demand
only seconds left
the last grain falls into the sand
in this spherical shaped glass
we never had a chance to win
we rest now under white blankets
of ashes fallen from the sky above
we’re no phoenix, we don’t rise

the black tide lusts for our lives
a thousand liquid arms
crawling over rusty rails
reaching for the seaman’s soul
deep down you’ll be pulled
where no men can breathe
where we’re doomed to die
where this story finds its end


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