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hold out walk the line someone will come to save your soul or maybe not does it really matter? your kept in the prison of your own reality time passes by it’s been months sheets flying through the air and … Continue reading

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Me Vs. You. Vs. We.

So, i just composed this little song, I might post a demo when i have recorded it, but since it’s the first thing I’ve written in like 10 days, I thought I share it.It’s maybe a bit rough at some … Continue reading

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Remember Me

So, I just had to think of a poem I written a long time ago, and I felt like sharing it. it’s three am and I’m still awake writing more lines than i ever should one after another, my soul … Continue reading

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Say Goodbye

say goodbye cause I’m getting rid of you of every single piece that’s left of every single last regret I pack our letters, pictures and burn them with my memories the only thing i cannot burn is you. thanks to … Continue reading

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Your Sorry Ain’t Reach A Heart

So, since I couldn’t sleep, I began to write, and i finished a new demo. And since I’m a bit of an attention whore I want to share it with the world. Excuse the crappy playing, that was more or … Continue reading

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Don’t Blame Me When You Realize That I’m No Longer Part Of Your Life

So. Today I got my thousandth hit. (Strange word.) and I also got a new poem for ya. Isn’t that great? when i start shouting screaming out words of pain don’t turn you fucking head away listen to what words … Continue reading

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