Remember Me

So, I just had to think of a poem I written a long time ago, and I felt like sharing it.

it’s three am and I’m still awake
writing more lines than i ever should
one after another, my soul floats
out of my fingers into the sheet
stained with sweat and ink
this is my life, my devotion
writing til my fingers bleed
watching the candle burning down

when I turn around, go to sleep
the things I write become alive
haunting me through the night
they’re like monsters beneath my bed
trying to scare me away
got no mother to run to
so I spent the nights wide awake
and write about my ghosts

I write too much about you,
to less about me
i promise this will be the last one
or maybe the next. Maybe I’ll never stop
writing about what you’ve done
if this is my fate, i’ll stand to it
two more lines too write, maybe three
One last to make it eight.

Sometimes I fear i write to much
show the world whats inside of me
but i can’t stop but write
it’s running out of me
I feel so free liberated
nearly french without a terrible
way to speak
it’s the way I think, the way I feel

what I write will live on
on sheets and in some minds
it’s my legacy
I leave the world written lines
so that they might remember me
how I was, and what I’ve become
How I lived and what I felt
Read and Remember me.


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I am.
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1 Response to Remember Me

  1. summermoon says:

    i will remember you ;)
    .. what do you mean with “nearly french”?^^

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