So, I couldn’t sleep tonight. So I began to read through the 3754 mails in my mailacc, and after that I felt really really strange. I mean, could be that I’m like super tired. Or that i realized how many people I lost over the years, how many opportunites i let pass by. Not sure.

I went down some wrong ways
I’ve done some things I’m not proud of
I might have broken a heart or two
and I almost feel sorry for what I’ve done
but the memories begin to fade already
and soon I won’t remember your name, your face
everything you were to me
will be history I choose to ignore

I found an old postcard
signed by your hand
telling of better times
whem we were still talking
but this was long ago
when we both still cared
when i meant something to you
when my world was still alright

awake for way to long now
half drunk from to much love
I can’t sleep at night
I can’t get rid of your face
it’s half past five
and it’s only getting worse
I’m writing out what I’m thinking
so that my mind might comes to rest

i found an old postcard
signed with your name
speaking of better times
when we were best friends
it seems so long ago
but time means nothing here
just like I to you
my world’s broken from the inside

Anyways, I’m like super tired and I have no idea what I’ve written there, i check back tomorrow and see if i like it.


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