Time to move on.

So, I just went through some of my older poems and found this little piece. Since I never got around to post it, I thought I’d do it right now.

remember the hours
we just hang on the phone
remember the days
we spend together
remember the nights
we made such sweet love
remember the way
i held you close

it’s time to let you go
it’s time to move on
there is nothing left of you
but bittersweet memories
it’s time to find a new way
it’s time to get away
from everything you did
to heal the holes you left

when you went away
when you left with somuch
as a goodbye
with a promise you made
and broke
with words you said
and forgot
please, just get the fuck off

remember the live
you saved with me
remember the lies
you told to make me stay
remember the love
you pushed away
remember the knife
you stabbed me with.

Well. It’s just as horrible depressing like everything else I wrote in these days, but yeah, I still like it somehow.


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3 Responses to Time to move on.

  1. “please, just get the fuck off”

    harsh… that’s all i’m sayin… x

    • Sebastian says:

      yeah, it is. I never said something like that to her, even though there was a time when I should have. But alot of my poems from that time are angry, just because I felt so betrayed. I still do, sometimes, but today, i wouldn’t phrase it like that :/

      Also, thank you for reading and commenting on so many of my poems, that means a lot to me. So, yeah, thank you :)

  2. no problem, i like the poems you write that’s all ;) x

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