This one is from December 16th, according to the file. So it’s one of the poems I wrote in what I use to call my “leaking printer time”, because, you know 3 poems a day aren’t good. Anyways, since I never got around to post them I think I’ll just post them now, after I stop writing so much and only post every two weeks or so. So, yeah, we’ll see how that goes.

I often try to find simple words
one or two, not more
to explain what’s going on in my head
it seems so hard to just say what you think.

I feel strange, sitting in my room
all alone
not wanting to see anyone
just listening to the music playing along

but then again, this is the only
safe place I know
this is where i go when i feel like this
there is no other place to go

with the singer’s voice cracking in my speaker
i sit down in my chair
i let the music flow through my body
until i’m filled up
a constant beat
that drives my heart
so that i don’t forget
that I’m still alive


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