Six months. Part II

So, as I mentioned in the former post, this blog is now online for roughly six months. To be honest, I wouldn’t have thought that I’d write so much on here, but apparently I’m an attention whore. So, I just have some spare time and so I’m just going to write up some facts about my blog.

So, online for six months. In this time I have written 114 posts, including this one. This means an average of 0,6 posts a day. Not bad. Even though I don’t post as much as I used to, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Over the last six months, 1585 people visited my page, which is (at least considering the fact that I have no ads or whatsoever) pretty good, I think. This makes an average of about 8,4 people a day. Again, this is pretty good. April2011 is with 360 hits so far the month with the most visitors. Overall, one can see a rising tendency.

Over the last six months I got 37 comments, 39 including two of mine, from a small amount of people. surprisingly, most of the comments (if not all) are positive. That’s great, thank you guys. :)

The top five of my posts. I’m not sure how accurate this is, because most of the hits I receive are probably bots, but let’s see what the bots like.

  1. My Home Page with 789 hits.
  2. Your Sorry Ain’t Reach A Heart with 77 hits.
  3. Woooa with 50 hits
  4. Alright, new old poem. with 47 hits
  5. I raise my glass and Passing September both with 39 hits

So far, I received 106 spam comments according to Akismet. I’m not sure what’s normal but that doesn’t sound sooo much.

So, yeah. I really don’t like statistics, but I was bored. Have fun!


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